A Blueprint for Business Success

The enhanced edition of Winning is a tour de force in straight-talking management philosophy from the perspective of one of America's true business titans. Jack Welch's storied career at the helm of General Electric has been much documented everywhere from the mass media to the classrooms of elite MBA programs.

Jack and Suzy Welch's unique perspectives are beautifully presented in the enhanced version of Winning, combining to create a book that offers the most comprehensive insight anywhere into the mind and strategy of one of America's favorite success stories. Now complete with an exclusive series of ten accompanying video interviews, Winning is essential reading for anyone seeking to thrive working in corporate America. From line staff, to management, to C-Level executives, Jack and Suzy's lessons in teamwork, leadership and profitability are unabashedly honest and actionable.

Video interviews offer a well of insight into a breadth of topics from managing change to evaluating mergers, and from the role of human resources to the changing nature of jobs in today's work environment. Skillshare has praised Winning as "an extraordinary exercise in elucidating the positive spillover for society of corporate success in the form of new jobs and volunteering/interning opportunities that can spread skills and productivity insight around the world". Meanwhile, Publishers Weekly describe the writing as "full of personality and ideas" and "a model for clarity and insight [in the genre]".

Little attention has been offered over the years to the Welch's long record of advocacy and commitment to corporate responsibility and business ethics. A convincing case is made throughout Winning that strong business and a thriving job market are the foundation of a growing, prosperous country. When America succeeds, new skills and resources can benefit the wider global community from Africa to Asia through the transfer of knowledge and the co-operation of workers in both the corporate and voluntary sectors.

Selected praise for Winning from satisfied readers and the blogging community

"This book should be essential reading for experienced exeuctives and newcomers alike."

"A must read for anyone wanting to grow in their career."

"One of those books you need to read every so often to keep yourself motivated." - Thomas Henson.