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6.1.09 The Wall Street Journal Report with Maria Bartiromo

5.1.09 Suzy on Charlie Rose

4.23.09 Interview for Fox 25 in Boston

4.21.09 Suzy on The View

4.19.09 Suzy on Fox and Friends

4.18.09 Betty Liu interviews Suzy on Bloomberg

4.17.09 Discussing 10-10-10 on Morning Joe

4.15.09 Suzy guests on Closing Bell

4.14.09 10-10-10 on the Today Show

4.13.09 Catch Suzy's essay on Women on the Web

4.2.09 Moms on MomCentral love 10-10-10

4.1.09 Glamour magazine calls 10-10-10 "The Best Decision-Making Tool Ever" in their May issue

4.1.09 10-10-10 is featured in the latest issue of Reader's Digest as well in the RD blog

3.30.09 Publisher's Weekly on 10-10-10

3.5.09 10-10-10 has been chosen as a "Heather's Pick" by Indigo Books

3.1.09 Pink Magazine Cover: Suzy Welch and the 10-10-10 Rule

1.08.08 Suzy Welch Sells Book

1.08.08 Scribner to Publish New York Times Best-Selling Author Suzy Welch

12.09.07 Suzy Welch Interview with The Boston Globe: Success Skills are Gender-Neutral

1.06.06 Suzy Welch Publishes "The Rule of 10-10-10" in O-magazine

Advance Praise for 10-10-10

"This eloquent, witty, intelligent book is a triumph on several levels. Not only does it provide insightful and instructive lessons for making personal decisions but the intimate life stories illustrating Suzy Welch's decision-making process are endlessly absorbing, captivating the reader's interest from start to finish."

- Doris Kearns Goodwin, author of Team of Rivals

"Suzy Welch sparkles with brilliant ideas. In 10-10-10 she offers a profound, easy-to-apply tool for making tough decisions simple, finding clarity amid life's confusions. If you're wondering what to do, which path to follow at the fork, whether to stay or leave, 10-10-10 will help you find your way."

-Dan Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence

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