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The outpouring of heartful 10-10-10 stories from every walk of life were the inspiration for this book, and I'd love to hear yours. Has 10-10-10 help you make a great decision? Made your life a little less hectic? Saved you from making a bad gut call? Feel free to share it with me.


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My daughter (14) had been agonizing for weeks over whether to take a test to get a promotion in her karate class. She wasn't sure she was ready and all she'd been doing was fixating on failing or avoiding failiure. It was exhausting to all of us, going around and around. Finally, yesterday in the kitchen, I remembered 10-10-10 and suggested we all do it together. (My older son was there too.) In five minutes, 10-10-10 made us realize all the questions we needed to answer to get to the right answer for my daughter. I made a phone call to the karate school and that allowed us to finally "see" what we needed. She is going to take a refresher class beforehand and take the test Sunday, meeting her needs to feel prepared and to move forward with the other kids her age. The constant worrying is over. What a relief. 10-10-10 worked perfectly. I love it and my daughter didn't feel like I had forced her to do anything. It was her decision. All she needed was the tool to make it.

-- New York

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